Fashion Express Sewing Patterns



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Fashion Express Sewing Patterns

Personal - Automatic Sewing Patterns

Fashion Express Collections will bring you a new experience in Home Sewing.

Download your Sewing Pattern in three (3) simple steps:


1. Select a style from the Fashion Express Collection 2. Select the size you would like  3. Print your Pattern (on any standard Printer)

From the moment you select a style your sewing patterns become available and you will be able to start making up your garment immediately.

The Fashion Express Home Sewing Patterns will allow you to get a really exciting experience of making your own fashionable styles easily!!

You will get a garment collection with very good fit, patterns that will fulfil your creative needs with satisfaction.

For the first time in the sewing patterns history you will get only YOUR personal patterns for sewing in YOUR own size without having to unravel your pattern from a maze of lines and symbols!!!!

 You will not have to wait for the postman to bring it to you after weeks of waiting, or, travel to the shopping area to buy one.

What you see is what you get, there are no additional postage and packing costs. Come and join us in this exciting and creative Home Sewing experience.




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